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Clearing House Numbers:

Baltimore, MD: Harte Hanks Direct Mktg. 1-800-835-8353 or 800-787-2580
Charlotte, NC: Coresco 1-800-445-4275
Churchhill, MD: USA Fulfillment Center 1-800-787-6060
Clinton, IA: Promotion Fulfillment Corporation 1-800-553-6088
Delran, NJ: CRC International 1-800-441-5449
Douglas, AZ: Promotion Fulfillment Center 1-800-553-6088
Dublin, VA: Warner-Lambert 1-800-638-0027
El Paso, TX: Gage Marketing 1-800-926-7705
El Paso, TX: Lee Marketing 1-800-351-6045
Gage Marketing (El Paso TX): 800-926-7705
Gibbstown, NJ: Tri-star 1-800-732-0989
Gibbstown, NJ: Tri-Star 1-800-732-0991
Grand Rapids, MN: Arrowhead Fulfillment 1-800-950-9914, Newly Added Number: 866-877-6626
Hollywood, FL: 800-422-4842
Kalamazoo, MI: EPI Fulfillment Center 1-800-562-9733
Kankakee, IL: Promotional Services Center 1-800-435-0917
Lee Marketing (El Paso, TX): 800-351-6045 or 800-926-7705
Lee Marketing (IL): 800-752-4478 or 800-351-6045
Lubbock, TX: 800-888-8463
Lubbock, TX: United Marketing Services 1-800-888-8463
Maple Grove, MN: Right Choice Services 1-800-462-4886
Maple Plain, MN: Gage Marketing Group 1-800-962-1413
Mascoutah, IL: American Redemption Center 1-800-782-6116
Mascoutah, IL: Nu World Marketing 1-800-525-9463
Mt. Prospect, IL: Lee Marketing 1-800-752-4478
Monticello, MN: 800-227-4002
Neilson, IL: Nu World Marketing Hotline 1-800-833-7096
Phoenix, AZ: Consumer Rebate Response Center 1-800-272-4274
Raleigh, NC: Interactive Marketing 1-800-252-2662
Ridgely, MD: Nationwide 1-800-533-5701
St. Cloud, MN: Promotion Group 1-800-366-6184
Stacy, MN: 1-866-397-3344
RJ Reynolds 1-800-926-8814
Rite Aid Single Check Rebate 1-888-213-9920
Tempe, AZ: Consumer Rebate Response Center 1-800-272-4274
Unionville, CT: 800-333-0385
Winston-Salem, NC: 1-800-252-3500


Rebate Status Sites:

ACFE - Fraud Related Websites: http://www.heartlandcfe.com/Fraud_Websites/

Anheuser-Busch Rebate Tracker: http://www.abrebates.com/AgeCheck.aspx
CMS Rebates: http://www.cmspromocheck.com/
Continental Promotion (Ste Michelle & Others):
Constellation Wines:
https://www.web-rebates.com/constellation/Default.asp?  OR 888–221–3320
Kraft Foods: https://web-rebates.com/kraft/Default.asp?
Liquor rebates for FL, AZ, NM and IL:
Mike's, Walkabout, Kaboom, Rosemount, Yellow Tail, Gnarly & Others:
Miller Rebates:
Where’s My Rebate: http://wheresmyrebate.com/  or customer service representative 800-349-2051
Yellow Tail Rebate:  914–251–9463
Young America, MN: El Paso, TX and Wallaceburg, OH: Clearing House Offers:
I called corporate office again today (1-18-11), Constellation Corporate and spoke with April Stewart, she stated that whenever you are doing a rebate with them to call the phone number on the FORM to make sure it is good in your state. Before you purchase the products! Here is her number @ corporate; April Stewart: 800-836-9463 ext 35702.